All About Our Multipurpose Cover

Protect your baby from the elements with The Blushing Baby Multiuse Cover. Made from lightweight, high-quality rayon blend fabric, our car seat cover will fit virtually any car seat. Keep your baby warm in the winter and shaded in the summer, our car seat canopy can be used year round, rain or shine. Perfect for napping on the go, our canopy cover will help block out bright lights and muffle sound, so your baby sleeps peacefully. The Blushing Baby car seat canopy cover acts as a physical barrier during cold and flu season, to shield baby from yucky airborne germs and even touchy-feely strangers.


Wear it while nursing to ensure your privacy is protected. Used as a nursing cover, it will give 360o coverage, so you can nurse anywhere and feel confidant you are shielded from prying eyes. Made from stretchy, lightweight fabric, you can easily peek in the opening to check-in or make any necessary adjustments.


Slip The Blushing Baby Stretchy Cover over your shopping cart to protect baby from yucky germs. Our shopping cart cover has two hand-sewn slits, so you can strap your little one into the buggy, ensuring their safety while using the cover. The stretchy material can be used on almost any shopping cart. The silky fabric creates the perfect barrier between the filthy shopping cart and your precious baby.


Heading to the food court or your favorite restaurant? Bring The Blushing Baby Multi-use Cover along and throw it over the highchair, thread the safety belts through the perfectly placed hand-sewn slits, and strap your hungry baby in. Used as a highchair cover, your baby will be protected from gross germs and dried on leftover food from previous highchair users, while staying safely strapped in. Now you can both enjoy your meals worry free.


The Blushing Baby Stretchy Multipurpose Cover is lightweight and compact, saving precious space in your diaper bag. It comes with a handy dandy matching carrying pouch to store it in. Both practical and trendy, it can be used from infancy to well past toddlerhood. This is a must-have for all mommies or soon to be parents. The Blushing Baby Stretchy Multi-use Cover is the perfect Birthday, Christmas or Baby Shower gift. Get yours today.