Regular Bib vs. Bandana Bib

The Blushing Baby Bandana Bibs are all the rage. A favorite accessory for trendy babies everywhere. But what is the difference between a regular bib and a Blushing Baby Bandana Bib, you might ask?


While a regular bib can be practical in its use, they aren’t exactly fashion forward. Regular bibs are great for messy mealtimes. Regular bibs usually have a plastic backing, if not made entirely from a plastic material. This provides excellent waterproofing protection for their outfits underneath. It’s always important to keep your little one’s clothing free from messes and stains, but most importantly to keep them dry. The regular bibs used for drool control aren’t exactly cute or stylish. These are usually all fabric and smaller in size than their mealtime counterparts. While they may be practical, they do nothing but hide your baby’s outfit that you worked so hard to put together.


That’s where The Blushing Baby Bandana Bibs come in. Practical and stylish, they are everything you need to keep your baby dry and looking awesome. Great for accessorizing, drool control or mealtime, our Bandana Bibs are multi-purpose. However, to keep them stain free and looking fabulous, keep a regular bib handy for those messy mealtimes.


Each Bandana Bib set comes in a package of 4 trendy bibs in a variety of the trendiest patterns. They are ultra-soft, super absorbent, adjustable and easy to care for: A dream come true for any parent.